Wednesday, 31 August 2011


You thinking the same thing I am right? WELL DON'T. No Smurf jokes. Or UN jokes for that matter. I'm prepping these lil' guys for matt varnishing, and so I've Blu Tacked any areas upon which I want to retain a shine.
This includes helmets, leather, boots and obviously weaponry, as you can see above. Once they're sprayed, they look like this:

So here are the finished Nationalist infantry, the Spanish Civil War's bad guys' own PBI. Okay, lessons learnt:

1- The pre-dip drybrushing and texturing? Don't bother. These subtleties were largely lost, although the green uniform does have a certain fabric-y quality enhanced by the ochre highlighting. The work on the skin is lost completely. This is a good thing to know, even if it is a little soul-destroying!

2- The dip worked great. This is, more so even than my grubby Confederates, the most apt use of the Army Painter dip in my experience. It perfectly captured the muddy, dogged look I wanted, in contrast to the soldiers' tassles and jodhpurs.

If anyone was looking for a wholehearted endorsement of the army dip technique, consider this mine. It's not always appropriate, and often it actually takes more time than traditional finishing techniques, when you take into account the dipping, shaking, dabbing and drying. But I hope this shows when it is perfect.

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